The current rental vacancy shortage & our tips!

f you are a tenant looking for a new home, you know all too well the challenges that people are facing it is frustrating and we as property managers can sympathise with you we’re doing the best we can in a very busy time.

With this in mind we wanted to share a few tips for you to consider:

1. Call the agency you are applying with and ask them their preferred application method. Most agencies will have a paper form but there are other ways you can apply that will do a chunk of the work for us and therefore save us time.

2. Ensure your references are expecting to hear from us and give them permission to talk to us. If possible have them provide you with a written signed letter that you can accompany with your application.

3. Include a cover letter. This should provide an overview and can be sent on to the landlord when presenting your application keep it brief but make it personal by including photos of pets etc. 

4. Make yourself available to attend scheduled inspections. Majority of the properties that are being advertised are still tenanted so our availability to show these are limited. 

5. Apply sight unseen. This gives the agency an opportunity to commence processing before you even walk through the door you can always before your application later

On behalf of the property managers working in the current market thank you for your patience!