Moving with Kids

Moving day is stressful enough already without the added challenges the children can bring. Whether they’re young or teenage, parenting never stops and emotions may be heightened on move day, making things even more difficult. Children rely on routine and without that, they can panic. To ensure you manage moving day with kids effectively and with the least disruption to your move as possible, we’ve put together some helpful tips.

Start moving earlier

Moving day is not the best day to start packing. Children will often panic at the sight of their belongings being thrown into a box and loaded onto a truck, so start packing and moving things out of the house well in advance. Allow the kids to pack their own special box of things they want with them on their first night in the new house. That way they can find some comfort in things they already know and love. Don’t forget to declutter as you go so move day isn’t a big, disorganised mess.

Plan in advance

Make sure your kids know when moving day is and what it entails so they can be prepared. This will ensure they have time to check that everything in their room is packed and ready to go before the movers arrive to pick up your effects.If you’re going to find it easier moving without having the kids hang around, or if you’re concerned about them getting in the way of the movers, plan the move to fall on a school day or organise childcare. That way the kids are out of the house for part of the day and you can focus your energy on the move itself. Be sure to have a plan in place for who is dropping the kids off and picking them up from school if they’re not going to be returning to the same house.

Let the kids get involved

If you can’t schedule the move day to fall on a school day, or if your children aren’t in school yet, let them get involved and help out. Although the house will be packed up by this stage, there’s plenty of cleaning to be done, as well as final checks to ensure nothing gets left behind. Get the kids to help clean around the house so they have something to focus on. Their perspective may even help pick up on things you’d forgotten to consider. This is also a great way to spend some time with the kids in the house before you say farewell.

Ask for help

It’s very important to try and stay calm during the process, if your kids pick up on your anxiety it may cause them to worry. Try to make it a great adventure and as exciting as possible.Some things are just not achievable on your own, and that’s OK. Asking  for help with managing move day so you don’t have to stress about it. A removalist can take care of the packing, uplift and delivery of your household goods so you can spend time with the kids and enjoy the experience of moving house.At your new home use a night light until they adjust to the change.