Just how important is good photography?

Why choose a professional Real Estate Photographer vs using your Iphone.

(image source: bebee.com)

When a property is marketed for sale, the prospective buyers are going to see it in one of two ways – in photos (and video) or in person.

We all know that there are costs involved in selling a property. These can include an agent’s fee, an auctioneer’s fee, marketing costs, home staging, conveyancing and solicitor’s fees, and even maintenance costs for those fix-up jobs.

Paying for good photos – or good video content – is worth it.

It’s fair to say that the first time your buyer saw your property was as they were scrolling through anything from dozens to hundreds online.

They probably took a second look because something grabbed their attention – a pic!

In less than ten seconds, a prospective buyer has seen your photos, taken in the headline and decided whether to look further at your property or keep scrolling on to the next.

In those few seconds, poor imagery could cost you a sale!

Landlords should also consider the quality of their property’s imagery, as potential tenants may also filter through online listings.

While smartphones have the capability to take amazing photos, the tool itself doesn’t replace a professional photographer. These people have the experience and the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the buyer, in order to capture the right imagery for the best sale outcome. They also know the best equipment to use, like a wide-angle lens used to showcase ‘space’ and portray ‘live-ability’. The professionals will factor in time of day, lighting and composition; and then are experts in retouching pics while staying true to the subject.


The use of elevated photography and drones is far more widespread in real estate marketing today and used with homes across price ranges. However, it is even more critical to spend the money needed for the superior photos, video and drone photography when it comes to high-end properties.  Incorporating a floor plan into the visuals is also worth considering as many potential buyers appreciate looking at layout and dimensions.  You can generally get a sense of the quality of photos and photographer by looking at your agent’s current listings online. They may work with a regular photographer and should be able to talk about that person’s skills – or your agent make have experience and skills in photography themselves.Either way, your agent will guide you towards presenting your property in the best possible way for the photo shoot.When you only have a matter of seconds to leave an impression, you want it to be the best, which will most likely occur through best quality stills and best quality video.