Four Points from Four Walls – Presenting the interior of your property

As is important as the exteriors shining first impression is, it is just as important to keep your property high in the potential buyer’s mind with the interior of the property. These are the points that are on the potential buyers list of things to consider, when inspecting your home:

1. Pop the kitchen

If your kitchen is outdated then consider a replacement, however fresh paint on cupboards, changing splash back tiles to be modern and updating drawer handles all add significant value.

2. Presentation of the bathrooms

Ensuring tiles are clean and free of mould, grout is fresh, and the mirrors are clear of splash marks. Having the blinds and windows open can assist in brightening and opening the space. Consider adding a plant to soften and warm the room.

3.  The magic of paint

Never underestimate the change some fresh paint can make to a property, light colours help to bring more light to any space, and fresh paint shows your home is loved.

4. Less is more

Declutter ready for open homes and inspections with only minimal items on display allows your space to shine, helping potential buyers see the space for what it is.

All potential buyers consider how the home makes them feel, and the emotional connection and reaction to the spaces within the home. A few simple steps can greatly improve the internal presentation of your property and create a lasting impression and connection in the potential buyers’ minds.