Four Points from Four Walls – Presenting the exterior of your property

They say, ‘you never get a second chance at a first impression’ and that definitely applies to properties as well. Here are our top 4 tips to ensure you make a lasting impression in buyers minds, before they even step foot in your property:

  1. Grass and Edges
    Ensuring the lawn is watered and little bit of fertilizer goes a long way to helping to pop the green colour! Also, paying extra attention to edges and paths ensuring that they are weed free and generally tidy.
  1. Gardens
    Tidy and trim all the plants, collect any fallen branches and remove weeds. Consider adding fresh wood chips or pebbles, as they can offer a quick facelift to gardened areas.
  1. Exterior paint
    Ensure the exterior paint is either fresh and recently redone or if in good condition make sure it’s clean and free of mould and cobwebs to present a bright, fresh look.
  1. Driveways and paths and fences
    Time to pull out the pressure washer! Taking the time to wash the driveway, paths surrounding the property and fences is a great, easy way to freshen up not only the property but the surrounding areas.

    These four points are not only cost effective and can offer great return on investment, they will often take just some time and manpower to deliver fantastic results.

    People are attracted to your property when it presents well from the front and all of the above points will encourage any potential buyer to have an emotional connection with your property before they have even stepped foot inside.