Four Points from Four Walls – Our tips for tenants

Securing a rental property in todays market can be difficult, here are our top tips for tenants looking to make their application stand out above the rest!

1. Make a lasting first impression.

Present yourself well at the viewing, try and grab a minute of the property managers time to introduce yourself, outline your situation and present to them why you are the perfect potential tenant. But remember, property managers are busy people, don’t ramble!

2. Stick with one agency

Select a preferred rental agency and have all your paperwork completed and approved subject to the inspection that way you can have your application presented to the owner before other potential applicants. A nice touch is to also include a cover letter explaining you and your situation.

3. Be ready to move in as soon as possible

A crucial factor in obtaining a rental property is to take the property as close to the available date as possible. In some cases, this can be difficult, however, it can also make a big difference to the landlord when selecting their tenant as to how soon their investment property can be filled for the cashflow to begin.

4. Pay in advance

If possible, try and offer to pay a month or 2 in advance. This can appeal to the landlord with some instant income and possibly encourage them into selecting your application over all others presented. Remember that rental properties are high demand, so don’t be defeated if your application is unsuccessful. Keep at it and the perfect property will present itself to you!

Bonus points!

  1. Make sure rental history is good/clean, rent always paid on time and previous rental properties have been well looked after
  2. Consider offering an additional 5-10$ per week to really put yourself at the front of the que
  3. Do a TICA check on yourself – check your rental history and find out if you have been blacklisted in the past