Don Wall

Director & Principal

About Don

Don has had previous experience in many manual trades including brick laying, tiling and landscaping. Choosing to pursue a new career, business accountancy was Don's profession for 17 years working for a variety of corporate businesses in Sydney, Brisbane and Bundaberg. Working in aged care saw Don undertake a post-graduate certificate in design and be heavily involved in major project management roles. This tied in with his passion for property ensuring that his knowledge in the industry is extensive. Building spec homes from 1999-2011 saw Don's knowledge of the industry and the building requirements enhanced. In 2011 the first unit development in Bundaberg was completed. With a growing portfolio of his own and investors buying from him regularly Don decided to complete his Real Estate Agent License and open Four Walls Realty. Don is driven and passionate about providing some of the highest level of service for some of the best pricing in the industry. Don is committed to ensuring that communication with owners both by phone and email is a priority and that we take the burden of property management from you.

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