About Trudy

Hi, my name is Trudy George - most people in Bargara know me as Trudy Smith
(Trudy Smith Real Estate). For those who know me, they will know that I am a
pioneer in the real estate industry in Bargara, commencing in 1970 with Bargara Real
Estate at the tender age of 15. From then on, real estate became my passion along
with the love of the town. I have seen many changes since then, and I am proud to be
a catalyst for that change.
Things were tough at the beginning however hard work and perseverance have been
a positive outcome not only for me but the community of Bargara as well.
I worked closely with Bargara Rate Payer's Association, Chamber of Commerce,
Bundaberg and District Development Board to put Bargara on the map - tackled
Town Planning issues in the early days and infrastructure needs along with
contributing to the controlled development of this rapidly growing township.
I am proud to be "Bargara Grown" and part of the Four Walls Real Estate. I am here
now to continue to serve the community as a whole for both Buyers and Sellers alike.